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Road bike clothing for beginners

The many clothing options can quickly seem overwhelming for racing bike beginners. In this article you will find out what you should pay attention to as a beginner and what is particularly important at the beginning of your racing bike career.
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Are you new to cycling and looking for the best clothing for your first road bike tours ? Especially at the beginning, the large selection can be overwhelming. That's why you'll find out from us what's important when choosing the right equipment.

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Why have extra clothing for racing bikes at all?

Of course, you could also set off in your street clothes. But then it quickly becomes uncomfortable on the saddle and your T-shirt is soaked after the first few kilometers. You don't have to fully equip yourself to get started, but it's worth investing in basic equipment. Because the right cycling clothing not only looks good, but is also often necessary. Here you can find out why:

  1. Comfort: For cycling, especially over longer distances, you need clothing that is comfortable and doesn't chafe or cause pressure points. Our road cycling clothing is designed to fit well and give you enough freedom of movement without slipping.

  2. Moisture management: Cycling is an intense sport that usually causes us to sweat profusely. Our cycling clothing is made from functional materials that wick moisture away from the body and also dry quickly. This helps keep your body dry and at a comfortable temperature. This is particularly important in changeable weather conditions.

  3. Temperature regulation: Special clothing for road cycling offers solutions for all weather conditions. From breathable and lightweight fabrics for summer to insulating layers that provide warmth in winter without overheating. Our products are designed for optimal and flexible temperature regulation, with practical features such as double-sided zippers for ventilation.

  4. Performance: Aerodynamics plays a big role in cycling. Tight-fitting cycling clothing reduces air resistance, resulting in more efficient riding. Additionally, certain garments, such as padded cycling shorts, provide additional comfort and performance by reducing friction and protecting against vibration and shock.

  5. Longevity: Road bike clothing is designed for the high demands of the road bike. That's why it withstands both use and regular washing better.

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This is the road bike clothing you need as a beginner

Now let's move on to the most important items of clothing that every cyclist should have in their wardrobe. In addition to a properly adjusted helmet and the right shoes, these include well-fitting cycling shorts and a cycling jersey .

The right cycling shorts for racing bike beginners

Short cycling shorts are standard equipment for racing cyclists. They provide freedom of movement and breathability and are usually made from lightweight, quick-drying material. The pants should be tight-fitting to avoid friction, but still provide enough flexibility. The sewn-in seat padding ensures that you can sit comfortably on the saddle for several hours.

Our seat cushions are made of multi-layered, soft foams that are finished with a breathable surface. Our pads are also antibacterial and sweat-wicking. Even if it may seem strange at first, cycling shorts with seat padding can be worn directly on the skin without underwear.

Our Aero Bib Shorts are made from a supple, stretchy material and have longer leg cuffs with rubberized inside for a non-slip grip. The multi-layer seat padding supports you with optimal comfort on journeys lasting up to 6 hours. The flexible and stretchy straps of the cycling shorts ensure a stable fit without slipping.

Discover Aero Bib Shorts Men

Aero Bib Shorts Men

Discover Aero Bib Shorts Women

Bib Shorts Women

If you feel more comfortable without straps, we offer you a practical alternative with our Aero Shorts, which ensure an equally firm hold thanks to their high waistband.

Discover Aero Shorts Men

Aero Shorts Men

Discover Aero Shorts Women

Aero Shorts Women

The right jersey to start with

A good cycling jersey plays a crucial role in your well-being and your performance on your bike. It is made from lightweight, breathable materials that effectively wick sweat away from the body and dry quickly. The fit is specifically designed to reduce drag while providing enough freedom of movement so the jersey fits snugly without pinching or slipping.

Our Aerlig Jersey is particularly suitable for fast rides on a racing bike. It fits like a second skin and ensures aerodynamics on the bike. The sturdy waistband ensures a tight fit and reinforced rear pockets provide plenty of storage space without sagging. The jersey is also characterized by seamless arm cuffs and few seams that could cause friction or cut in.

Discover Aerlig Men

Aerlig Men

Discover Aerlig Women

Aerlig Women

If you prefer a looser fit, you should try our Kaern Jersey . It fits close to the body, but not too tight, and provides additional freedom of movement while riding. Here you have a lot of storage space in the back pockets and a side zip pocket for valuables.

Discover Kaern Men

kaern men

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kaern women

Road bike clothing against wind and rain

When you're battling wind and rain on your road bike, the right clothing is crucial to staying dry, warm and performing. Weatherproof jackets such as windbreakers and road bike rain jackets are specifically designed to protect you from the elements. Our windbreaker is lightweight and breathable , while providing effective protection against cool breezes by blocking the wind without overheating. It's made to fold compactly and store away easily when you don't need it.

Discover Windbreaker Men

Windbreaker Men

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Windbreaker women

Our rain jacket, on the other hand, is waterproof and has thermally taped seams to keep you dry even in heavy rain. It offers greater breathability than traditional rainwear to avoid internal condensation. It has a double-sided, waterproof zipper opening on both sides so you can regulate the heat flexibly. It has reflective elements for visibility in bad weather.

Explorer Rain Jacket Men

Rain Jacket Men

Discover Rain Jacket Women

Rain Jacket Women

Clothing according to the season

Choosing your road cycling clothing by season plays a big role in comfort and performance. In spring and summer, breathable and moisture-wicking materials are ideal for keeping you cool. Layering is key for fall and winter: start with a moisture-wicking base layer, add insulating midlayers, and finish with a windproof and waterproof outer layer to protect you from the cold and wet. These adjustments to the season will keep you protected and efficient on your rides. Please also read our guides for warm days and cold weather .

Frequently asked questions about road bike clothing for beginners

In this section we answer frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact us directly if you need further information.

What should you definitely not miss when cycling?

Safety equipment and emergency supplies should never be missing when cycling. A helmet is essential to protect your head in the event of a fall. Always wear appropriate clothing that is suitable for the weather and increases your visibility. A puncture repair kit, including a spare tube, tire levers and a small pump or CO2 cartridges, should always be with you. Having enough water and snacks is also important to ensure hydration and energy on longer rides.

Do I have to pay attention to the weight of my clothing when cycling?

Weight plays a role in cycling, especially when it comes to power and speed. Lighter bikes, gear and clothing can make riding more efficient and are particularly beneficial on inclines. However, it is more important for beginners to concentrate on riding technique, endurance and the fun of cycling rather than paying attention to weight. As experience and interest in competition increases, weight may become more relevant and targeted upgrades may be considered.

Do I need special racing bike shoes as a beginner?

Advanced racing cyclists usually wear special racing bike shoes that can be connected to the clipless pedals of the bike. This improves the efficiency of the pedaling movement and offers more control over the bike. However, they are not an absolute necessity for beginners. Many new cyclists start with platform pedals and sneakers to get used to road cycling. Road bike shoes and clipless pedals can be a good investment once you feel confident on the bike and want to increase your pedaling efficiency. It is important that you familiarize yourself with clipping in and out before riding on the open road to avoid falls.