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Minimalist gravel clothing

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Timeless gravel bike clothing from straede

Away from paved roads

W hen gravel biking you can wear whatever you like . For example, combine our gravel jersey with gravel pants of your choice or choose a tight or loose jersey or shirt – the main thing is that it serves your purpose .

If you want to accelerate off the road even on cooler days, you can use our Aerlig long sleeve or our cycling jackets and cycling vests . At straede we focus on simple and clean designs with maximum functionality, so that you can simply focus on your off-road trips.

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Gravel clothing set

Everything you need on the gravel bike

Our bundle for gravel bike clothing offers you everything you need. Design and style complement each other and you get the best price in our shop.

The Gravel Bundle is particularly suitable in summer and on warmer days. Feel free to take a look at the set. Of course, you can also wear any other bundle for gravel biking. You can read more in the FAQs below.

Frequently asked questions about our gravel bike clothing

Combine the pieces that fit you best and make you feel comfortable . If you prefer a very loose fit, our Aexplore gravel jersey for men or women will suit you.

Basically, the difference in seating position between a gravel bike and a racing bike is very small. It is therefore completely legitimate to use our racing bike clothing ( men / women ). In marathon mountain bike or cross-country races, most participants also wear racing bike clothing.

For cool days we have gravel clothing that offers you extra warmth and protection. These include leg and arm warmers, overshoes, gloves and base layers .

In principle, you can also equip yourself with classic cycling clothing for cool days. Simply take a look at the relevant categories in our shop: