Welcher Trikot-Typ bist du?

What jersey type are you?

You are looking for your perfect cycling jersey but you are still not sure which fit is best for you? Then our fit guide will help you!
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What makes the fit of cycling jerseys so special?
The cut of cycling jerseys is optimized for a snug fit. This means that the front part of the jersey is shorter than the back. When standing, it may seem as if the jersey is too short. But don't worry, as soon as you sit on your bike you will notice the advantages of this cut, as there is no unnecessary material to interfere with your movement.
In general, cycling jerseys are cut closer to the body, as clothing that is too loose starts to flutter even at low speeds. However, there are many different styles here.

Which jersey fit is right for me?
At straede we want to make the decision on a fit as easy as possible for you. That's why we have developed two different jersey fits for you.

Kaern jersey - not skin-tight, relaxed fit
Choose our Kaern jersey if you prefer a slightly looser fit. The Kaern jersey offers you leeway, but is still cut close to the body. In addition, it has a slightly longer back section. In short, our Kaern jersey is suitable for you if you just want to feel comfortable on the bike and your jersey doesn't have to be skin-tight ;)

Particularly suitable for racing bikes, gravel bikes and commuting.

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Aerlig Jersey - Tight racing fit

Choose our Aerlig aero jersey for your sporting adventure on the bike. An aerodynamic cut means that the jersey should not flap anywhere on the body while riding. The Aerlig jersey also has a racing fit. This means that the front section is cut significantly shorter to give you the best possible fit in a racing-like seating position (e.g. in the lower handlebar position). Our aero jersey weighs only 100g and is therefore light as a feather on the skin and can hardly be felt.

Particularly suitable for road cycling.

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Why do I need pockets on my back?
Cycling jerseys usually have three pockets on the back so you have enough space for your additional clothing, tools, snacks and valuables. In addition, the back pockets are designed so that you can reach into them without any problems even while driving. When cycling, you usually spend many hours on the saddle and don't want to get off unnecessarily, so a quick grab in your back pocket is essential. With our straede jerseys we offer you an additional side back pocket that can be closed with a zipper. This is particularly suitable for keys, money and other valuables, so that nothing can accidentally fall out of your pockets. All of our jerseys have this additional back pocket.

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