Welcher Bib-Shorts-Typ bist du?

Which bib shorts type are you?

Are you looking for cycling shorts that meet your individual requirements and want to know what actually matters when it comes to cycling trousers? Then our bib shorts guide will help you!
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What exactly are bib shorts?
Cycling shorts, also commonly called “bib shorts” or “bibs”, are optimized for use on the bike. Bib shorts stand for bib shorts in English, but are commonly used as an umbrella term for any type of padded cycling shorts. The straps ensure that the cycling shorts are optimally held, even when you move a lot.

What's special about cycling shorts?
Cycling shorts have a sewn-in seat pad so you can sit comfortably in the saddle for several hours. The perfect fit of bib shorts depends on the interaction of the individual skin type, the shape of the saddle, the sitting position and of course the seat padding. Our seat cushions are made of multi-layered, soft foams that are finished with a breathable surface. Cycling shorts are worn directly on the skin without underwear. This will help you avoid unpleasant pressure points and friction. Our pads are antibacterial and sweat-wicking and therefore protect your skin.

Which bib shorts are right for me?
We want to make your decision easy and offer you two bib shorts models for different areas of use.

Aero Bib Shorts - seamless cuffs without slipping
Our Aero Bib Shorts are characterized by their seamless finish, especially at the leg cuffs. Thanks to an internal rubber coating on the leg ends, the bib shorts stay firmly in place at all times. The very soft fabric feels like a second skin and offers ideal compression for many hours on the bike.

The Aero Bib Shorts are ideal for you if you:

- Love seamless, minimalist design
- Prefer longer leg cuffs
- Travel quickly on the road with your racing bike

Aero Bib Shorts Women

Aero Bib Shorts Men

Aero Bib Shorts Men

Cargo Bib Shorts - practical side pockets for extra storage space

Our Cargo Bib Shorts are suitable for all your cycling adventures and have two practical side pockets with plenty of storage space for your cell phone, tools and snacks.

The Cargo Bib Shorts are ideal for you if you:

- You're on your road bike, gravel bike or as a commuter and are looking for side pockets with extra storage space

Cargo Bib Shorts Women
Cargo Bib Shorts Women

Cargo bib shorts men

Cargo Bib Shorts Men

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